Manufacturer of Distiller / Alembic to extract essential oil from aromatic plants and wholesaler of essential oils

For 30 years, essential oils have been the essence of our activity, through our two trades:

Distillery manufacturer with 30 years of experience

We design according to your needs the stainless steel equipment to distill your aromatic plants

Fine Lavender

Wholesaler, supplier of essential oils and floral waters



Lemon balm

Clary sage

Our network of French and European producers allows us to offer you a wide range of essential oils and floral waters.




Roman Chamomile

Discover our stainless steel distillery equipment in pictures: Still, Distiller, Essencier…

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To obtain an essential oil, we use a still. Firstly, we start by mixing in the body of the still the part of the plant that we have decided to transform and water. Then, this mixture heats up enough thanks to the hearth so that the water can be transformed into steam. Finally, we recover the steam loaded with essence of the plant and cool it by passing through a coil that bathes in a cold water bath to recover the essential oil.