Wholesaler and Supplier of essential oils from France and Europe

Our producers of essential oils

CEMD selects for its professional customers a range of essential oils from French and European producers. Here is a non-exhaustive list of essential oils that we can market to you in bulk:





How are essential oils created ?

With the help of our stills, we create quality essential oils. To proceed, we start by boiling water in the hearth of the alembic, using a boiler to obtain steam. This same steam moves directly into the body of the still where the plant part we want to transform is located. Moving through the plant, the steam will recover the aromatic essence of the plant. These precious molecules then reach the upper part of the alembic.

The mixture of steam and aromatic essence will pass through a coil bathed in a cold water bath, which will allow the mixture to become liquid again when cooling. At the end of this passage, this liquid will flow into a settling tank. It is at this last stage that we can dissociate the essential oil from the water and that we can recover it.

From aromatic essence to essential oil

Not all plants are capable of producing essential oils, those that can are said to be aromatic plants. Aromatic plants are able to synthesize aromatic essences thanks to the sugars resulting from their photosynthesis and the nutrients they draw from the soil. Each aromatic plant has its own essence by their perfume, or even by some of their properties. The majority of aromatic plants grow in sunny and warm areas because it is thanks to the sun that they manage to synthesize aromatic essences. It is by feeding on the solar energy that these plants acquire a maximum of photosynthesis and that they manage to store in small pockets located in various parts of their body, aromatic essence which this one will be able to be transformed into essential oil.

Wholesaler and Supplier of essential oils from France and Europe

CEMD has over 30 years of expertise and know-how in the production of essential oils. We design, according to your needs and expectations, stainless steel equipment to distill your aromatic plants of EU origin.

Thanks to our French and European network acquired over the years, we can offer you a wide range of essential oils such as fine lavender, Roman chamomile, rosemary, helichrysum, lemon balm, clary sage, lavandin, thyme, peppermint, rose, and much moreā€¦