Manufacture of Distillery of Essential Oils on measure in stainless steel: Alembic, Essencier…

The CEMD company can assist you with your aromatic plant distillation projects. With 30 years of know-how in the extraction of essential oils and floral waters, we will build for you a fixed or mobile distillery made to measure.

Definition, manufacture, and installation of your distillery equipment according to the plants to be distilled, and the volumes envisaged.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of the equipment making up your future installation:
Still or stainless steel boxes, Tubular condenser, Evaporative condenser, Stainless steel or glass essencier, Vacuum concentrator, Vacuum receiver, Boiler, Water tank, Cooling tower

Some examples of installation diagrams :

Complete extraction and distillation plant for essential oils

Distillation unit of essential oils under pressure

Grinding and sieving unit for food products

Discover our stainless steel distillery equipment in pictures:
Still, Distiller, Essencier…