Our producers of essential oil of fine lavender

CEMD Essential Oils Wholesaler markets in wholesale the essential oil of Fine Lavender and Lavandin of French or European origin.

The manufacture of the essential oil of fine lavender

The essential oil of fine lavender is obtained by steam distillation of the flowering part of the lavender. It consists of circulating steam through the lavender to release the essences that are contained in the small glandular pockets of the plant.

The essences are then collected in the form of essential oils after condensation. The smell of fine lavender essential oil will be much milder than true lavender essential oil.

Fine lavender

The fine lavender is an aromatic plant whose reputation is not anymore to make! It is essentially cultivated in Provence, like all aromatic plants, it needs a lot of sun to create its aromatic essence. The fine lavender is a perennial shrub with a bushy bearing of a height of approximately 50 cm to 70 cm. The flowering of this plant appears between late spring and early summer. In addition to having aromatic essence, this plant is very beautiful, its stems and its broad leaves are of grayish green color and assemble a compact tuft at the end of which these blue purple flowers come to dress the top of the bouquet.

Wholesaler and Supplier of essential oils of lavender

CEMD has more than 30 years of expertise and know-how in the production of essential oils of lavender. We design, according to your needs and expectations, stainless steel equipment to distill your lavender from EU origin.

Thanks to our French and European network acquired over the years, we can offer you a wide range of essential oils such as fine lavender, lavandin or lavender.